I love reading about the core values that humanity shares. We are all human beings – we should grow together for a peaceful world. We can learn something new everyday and should always strive to be better.

The Intimacy Forum

7 Core Values that All Dumanity Shares
1) Foundation – UNKNOWN   Healthy/unhealthy primal fear alchemy happens here.  It puts you on alert to what needs to be paid attention to.
We all have a core value in the unknown. It is what gives us the feeling of being alive, keeps boredom at bay and encourages us to be in the adventure of life.
When in an unhealthy state of expression: we become locked down in trauma locks of Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Disassociation.
In the land of uncertainty, we build our personal code of arms – labyrinths and moats to keep us safe from others. Knowing our own labyrinth and that of the person we want to connect with is essential for connection to take place at all.  To maintain passion and adventure in life with your fellow human beings, the mystery/uncertainty must be honored with one another.


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