There are many forms of child sexual abuse, and I think this blog post intelligently illustrates the different forms very well. Not everyone knows what is technically considered to be “Child Sexual Abuse”, but even the taking off of clothing with a sexual intention is abuse. Children should never be exposed to such a violation.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla.

What Is Child Sexual Abuse? Lola’s Story

Children Series Part 1 [8+]


Lola is usually taken to school by their driver. Sometimes on her way to school, the driver would touch her breast. On other days, the driver tells Lola to touch his private body part. She was scared because the driver threatened to kill her if she tells anyone. Lola couldn’t tell her parents because she didn’t want to die. When Lola read a book about child sexual abuse, then she knew what the driver was doing to her was wrong. She told her father and the driver was arrested by the police.





Child sexual abuse occurs when someone older than the child – such as an adult, an older child or a teenager touches your genitals, breast, buttocks or any other private part of the body. This touch can make you feel…

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