Sexual Abuse Causes Host of Long-Term Problems

An article we found here at White Balloon Support Head Quaters that describes the long-term problems associated with sexual abuse through cleverly linking it to a personal story. 

By Emerald Morrow 


(WLNS) — Children who are sexually abused can face a variety of long-term problems including agression, depression, anxiety, withdrawal, and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Experts say that it’s not uncommon for those abused to come forward later in life, citing fear as a factor.

Misty Botke, 44, of Eaton Rapids is facing seven felony charges of criminal sexual conduct. Officials say she was arrested at her home on Monday. Botke worked as a house parent at the VFW National Home in Ingham County, and her two alleged victims were as young as 12 and no older than 18 at the time of the assault.

“Coming into a home like that and then being abused by a caregiver really does take away their level of trust of authority,” said Marriage and Family Therapist Michael Whitehead.

Whitehead says the power imbalance between adults and children may be why victims come forward later as adults.

“Having their authority figures taken away from them, their parents for whatever reason, and then having an authority figure coming in to abuse them. They feel like there’s no authority in the world that’s going to really listen to them or help them,” said Whitehead.

He adds that those who’ve been sexually abused can later have trouble in relationships or marriage desiring sex and intimacy, especially if they don’t get the proper therapy. One reason why he says parents must take abuse accusations seriously.

“Look into those claims,: he said. “Really try and find out the truth, and trust the child.”






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